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10 weeks till the trip

getting pretty excited! just 8 weeks to go of school, 2 weeks of holidays in new zealand and then we're off, bring it on!!

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Mt Huashan

from Deborah

Haha I guess it really pays to do some research when planning stops....
I came across this site which recommended " Many people begin the climb at nighttime, in order to reach the East Peak by dawn. The darkness cloaks the dangerous view during the ascent, and hikers can avoid meeting descending visitors...."



I was thinking awesome!!! Sunrise on an East facing mountain, beautiful photos, fresh air and a hike... This was enough for me to plan it in to the itinerary. I was talking to Johan about the trip (as we do most of the time now) and showed him this part as I think it's a pretty cool thing to do. He started googling it and came up with this.



And this..



And this...



Now I'm really excited!!! Just not sold on the sunrise idea yet.

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tiny steps

From Deborah

We need to prepare for the trip because a lot of the countries issue date specific visas but normally I really like to have no plan and improvise all the way. Now there is an itinerary where local laws and language barriers present enough of a problem to scare me into doing considerable preparation. I'm leaving my impulsiveness behind - well mostly, the original $600 air ticket to Beijing was bought on an impulse and spurred the whole change of direction our plans have taken.
I remember our first ever trip we took - across America in a 1974 Green Oldsmobile that Catherine and I thought was cool because the windows front and back rolled down completely so we could hang our legs out and sunbathe while driving. The first day we travelled, Johan presented us with a map of the States with a route planned out, including day stops for the whole 6 weeks we were travelling and a proposed budget. We took it (with curiosity) looked it over, burst out laughing and carried on... Who needed to plan!
Now it's déjà vu... My iPad is getting loaded up with spreadsheets, a tailor made blog, maps, hyperlinks, translation apps. The man is kicking in to full Information Management mode! What's weird is, I'm actually getting onboard with it - to a certain extent. Last night was fun trying out the iTranslate app on my phone. I was working a quietish shift with a Chinese nurse and an Indian nurse, the perfect environment to experiment. The voice recognition technology is incredible and it will reply with the perfect accent and grammar. That's one less hurdle for our arrival in Beijing...
The next big step is to prepare for China's censorship and blocking of social media and search engines, which we've become so reliant on... How to google something without using Google?

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A first glance

by Johan

A first glance...

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An exciting prospect - the starting line has been drawn

by Johan

Just realised it is only 11 weeks or so until our travel adventure begins. In reality its already here. Deborah is leading the charge on the planning front. With every turn of a page in the travel books and every internet link she passes on the trip is taking shape in our heads. Its a lively mixture of excitement and nervousness. There will be a lot of new experiences for the whole family. For Deborah, Maaike and me trying to find our way through Central Asia and for Kaitlin and Joshua with their first foray into the grown-up world of flatting and running a household of their own. There is soo much to take in. We have to start making some early choices about travel dates and the big picture so we can organise our main travel and visa. The starting line has been drawn with booking our flights to Beijing for the 19th of April... and so our journey begins.

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